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Save Your Dough with Envysion’s Managed Video Solution

By incorporating a MVS into your restaurant, you can optimize your security cameras to enhance operational efficiencies and minimize losses.

As an experienced operator of a pizza restaurant, you’re aware of the significance of monitoring your business, employees, customers and profits. However, given that it’s unlikely for you to have the time or resources to observe everything that’s going on in your restaurant 24/7, it’s critical to utilize a managed video solution (MVS) to safeguard your business. By incorporating a MVS into your restaurant, you can optimize your current security cameras to enhance operational efficiencies and minimize losses.

Slice Your Losses with Managed Video Solutions for Pizza Shops
A managed video solution is an integrated software that enables you to easily view live or recorded video footage from your security cameras from anywhere. In other words, you’re given complete visibility into monitored areas within your pizzeria from your mobile phone or any internet-connected device while you’re on the go.

Go beyond using your cameras solely for security purposes and tap into their full potential, maximizing your operations. With this approach, you can ensure that your employees comply with hygiene protocols, utilize appropriate portion sizes, monitor deliveries closely, and confirm the proper handling of cash drops and bank deposits. Using a managed video solution gives you the tools to monitor and prevent losses and operational inefficiencies within your pizza restaurant.

The Envysion logoA Saucy Solution for Security Video Footage
It’s crucial to have a managed video solution that has an option for a long-term cloud-based storage system. This means that all of your video footage is saved in the cloud, giving you access to previously recorded footage for the length of time suited for your needs.

Protect your business against potential future legal issues such as workers’ compensation, slip and falls, or wrongful termination. This is a secure, long-term storage solution that safeguards your business against liability claims and other events that may arise months or even years later. Cloud-based storage provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing important video data is safe and easily accessible when and if you ever need it.

Protect Your Pizza Pies with Envysion’s Managed Video Solution
Given the constraints of time and resources, it’s essential to leverage a MVS to protect your restaurant. By incorporating Envysion’s Managed Video Solution, you can maximize the use of your existing security cameras, improve operational efficiencies, minimize losses, and have a dedicated team to support you.

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