Enodis Leads 2007 Kitchen Innovation Awards

Equipment innovation leadership recognized by National Restaurant Association

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla., Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ — For the third year in a row, Enodis plc ( ) has been recognized by the National Restaurant Association as a leader in foodservice equipment innovation with four 2007 Kitchen Innovation Awards — the most awarded to any foodservice company. The competition, judged by an independent panel of industry experts, recognizes trend-setting kitchen equipment thought to be among the most innovative in the world. This year’s Kitchen Innovation winners include the Convotherm(R) by Cleveland 606 Mini-Combi Oven, the Delfield Versa Drawer(TM), FastBake(TM) accelerated cooking technology from Lincoln Foodservice Products, and the Prodigy(TM) Cube Ice Machine from Scotsman Ice Systems. All winners will be showcased with live interactive demonstrations in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion during the National Restaurant Show in May 2007.

“We are honored to be recognized by this prestigious group for our ongoing commitment to innovative kitchen solutions,” said Enodis CEO David McCulloch. “Innovation leadership is our foundation. Our investment in research and development, our state-of-the-art Technology Center, and commitment to manufacturing excellence, allows Enodis and its operating companies to consistently deliver the most innovative equipment solutions to our customers — products that deliver in the areas of productivity, energy conservation, safety and performance.”

2007 Enodis Kitchen Innovation Award Winners

The Convotherm(R) by Cleveland Mini-Combi Oven Steamer is the compact version of the company’s 2005 Kitchen Innovation winning Convotherm(R) by Cleveland Combi Oven-Steamers. The Mini-Combi offers the same features operators worldwide have come to appreciate in the larger unit. These include the “Advanced Closed System” which automatically maintains humidity levels based on the type of food being prepared and a “Crisp & Tasty” feature that preserves moisture inside foods while producing crispier, uniformly-browned exteriors. The compact footprint offered by the mini makes it perfect for operators who need to balance the power and reliability of a combi with space conservation.

The Versa Drawer(TM) by Delfield combines four separate refrigeration units, each with individually controlled functions, which allows operators to freeze, refrigerate, chill and thaw in a single unit. All drawers operate independently of the others in any of the four functions, each in its own dedicated compartment to prevent cross contamination. Each unit also features built-in service diagnostics. Combining the drawers into one unit improves space, labor and energies efficiencies and the unit’s functionality makes it adaptable to any menu and daypart.

FastBake(TM) accelerated cooking technology was developed by Lincoln Foodservice Products. This patent-pending airflow advancement reduces baking times for items such as pizza by up to 30 percent. FastBake(TM) Impinger Ovens use a combination of hot air under pressure to literally surround food, providing a higher level of heat transfer, which reduces cook time. FastBake(TM) tackles one of the foremost operational issues faced by pizza operators today, the need for high-volume, high-quality production. In addition to increased capacity, the technology reduces utility costs by lowering energy usage, and reducing patron wait time.

The Prodigy(TM) Cube Ice Machine by Scotsman is one of the smartest, most foolproof ice makers on the market today. Prodigy(TM) features a state-of- the-art SmartBoard(TM) self-monitoring diagnostic system that provides up-to- the-minute reporting on the machine’s performance and maintenance needs. The machine’s energy standards make it one of the first cubers to exceed both the 2008 California Energy Commission and 2010 Federal Energy Efficiency regulations by up to 22 percent (based on published ARI data). In addition, the Prodigy(TM) also features a patented WaterSense(TM) adaptive purge control which automatically adapts to varying water conditions by constantly measuring water quality and adjusting to minimize scale buildup for longer time between cleanings and fresher tasting ice.

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