EFPA Announces New Eco-Friendly Certification Program

Wausau, WI — November 09, 2010 — efpa (Environmentally Friendly Printers Association) has announced a new eco-friendly certification program for printers, related suppliers/partners, and all interested businesses and people who are looking for affordable, environmentally friendly printed products. 

What Has Your Print Done Lately?

Would you like to help save trees, water, electricity, fuel oil, landfill space and money? How about reducing pollutants in our air and danger to our forest’s habitat and vegetation, while at the same time increasing jobs and stimulating both the print industry and our nation’s agricultural economy? Have your next printed project efpa certified by an efpa certified printer and you can do this and save money at the same time. “Green” is on the rise and this is no different in the printing industry. More and more printers are claiming to be green. How much of it is lip service and how much is genuine commitment to sustainable green printing practices? It’s not always easy to determine which printers or print is green. Recognize printers or print that is green by looking for the efpa logo or ask your printer to become efpa certified!

About efpa

efpa is an association of printers and partners who believe in responsible, environmentally friendly printing practices that help promote a healthier environment.  Print plays a very important role in everyday life, from education to communication. This is why it is so important to set positive, environmentally friendly standards in the industry. We, as an association of printers, focus on three key standards that offer the greatest environmental impact.

1.     The use of recycled paper products (10% or better post-consumer waste paper)

2.     The use of environmentally friendly inks such as, water, soy and vegetable based inks

3.     Sorting and the recycling of all post printed paper products, such as make-ready, press sheets, and trimmings


These three standards seek to transform and promote awareness in the way responsible, environmentally friendly printing is done both globally and locally. We want to ensure that all of us can enjoy the environmental, social, and economic benefits that responsible eco-friendly printing can offer.

A Word From An efpa Certified Printing Company

Color Vision Printing has reported that their business has most definitely increased since becoming efpa certified. “More and more clients are looking for affordable environmental friendly printing solutions”, says Color Vision Printing, “and with efpa certification we can provide all our clients with a very affordable eco-friendly printed product that not only benefits them but also us as a printer.”

efpa’s goal is to increase awareness and responsibility for printers and partners, provide affordable green printing solutions, and to help protect and sustain a healthy environment through print.  While there are a number of alternative certification programs available, most dealing with forestry management, efpa has more of a direct environmental impact and definitely a higher value to printers, partners, and print consumers.

Contact Information.

To learn more about efpa and how our standards can benefit you, our environment, partners and the printers who are certified, visit our website (, call 888-414-3844, or email us at