EDGE Conveyor ovens to be distributed by Jestic Foodservice in the UK


MF&B Restaurant Systems, Inc. has partnered with Jestic Foodservice of Kent, UK. This partnership names Jestic Foodservice as the exclusive UK distributor of the EDGE series conveyor ovens manufactured by MF&B Restaurant Systems. Michael French of MF&B said  he was “especially delighted” to be working with Jestic. “Their market presence is strong in the UK, and they know the customer," French stated.

This announcement comes just a short time after the official release of the newest and currently largest of the EDGE European product line, the EDGE4460. “The EDGE oven bakes edge to edge, not just down the middle,” said Michael Eyre of Jestic at a recent UK demonstration. MF&B and Jestic are looking forward to their partnership in the upcoming years.

For more information, contact Michael French of MF&B Restaurant Systems, Inc. at 888-480-3343 or email sales@edgeovens.com.