Eco-Friendly Re-usable Hybrid Pizza Boxes Save Money and Reduce Waste

""Danville, CA – Over 3 billion pizzas are sold each year, and based on industry statistics, at least 1 billion of those are to-go orders or delivered. That adds up to approximately 220 million pounds of cardboard waste and most of that cardboard cannot be recycled because it has come in contact with food.

  The benefits of replacing wasteful cardboard boxes with Hybrid Pizza Boxes include:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Positive Community Value

DMS Innovation’s re-usable Hybrid Pizza Boxes replaces traditional cardboard boxes thereby reducing cardboard waste, potentially saving a typical pizza store owner up to $20,000 per location annually.

The Hybrid Pizza Box can be used 500 times or more, reducing business and individual carbon footprints and reducing costs for to-go or delivery pizza restaurants.

These plastic reusable boxes are made of quality food-grade, recyclable plastic and come in various sizes. They stack tightly together, taking up a fraction of the space required to store cardboard boxes.

National Restaurant Association spokesperson Annika Stensson says, “Looking ahead in 2008, nearly four out of 10 family dining and casual dining operators said they plan to upgrade their takeout packaging.”* Sixty-two percent of consumers say they would likely choose a restaurant based on its environmental friendliness.**

“We have listened to pizza restaurant owners and added the Hybrid Pizza Box to our institutional product the Pizza Pallet to increase saleability in the consumer market.”, states Michael Sudia of DMS Innovation.  

About DMS Innovation 
Conformable – Innovative – Valued… the three fundamental principles of DMS Innovation, a company created to improve existing home and business processes within current standards and tools allowing improved functionality through ease-of-use, high-quality products. For more information about DMS Innovation or the Pizza Pallet, visit or call (925) 786-9054.

The Stackable Service Hybrid Pizza Box is patent pending in the United States.