Food safety continues to be a growing concern.  Flies can carry up to 65 harmful human diseases including typhoid fever, dysentery, anthrax and tuberculosis. This is dangerous for the food business. 

Dealing with heavy fly infestations in many areas of deployment, the U.S. Military turned to Flies Be Gone.  For both security and health reasons, often pesticides were not a viable option for protecting our people in uniform. Renowned pest control expert Rocco Moschetti testified that he used Flies Be Gone safely and effectively for nearly two years under some of the harshest conditions imaginable. At Camp Fallujah, Flies Be Gone was the only fly-control method available due to regulations restricting spraying. Working alone, the Flies Be Gone traps allowed U.S. troops to work and eat in a healthy, fly-free environment without the need for toxic pesticides.

In recognition of it’s amazing effectiveness without the use of harmful toxins, the Department of Defense designated Flies be Gone with a prestigious National Stock Number. Very few products manage to achieve this distinction.  
Only the size of a football, each trap catches thousands of flies. The easy-to-use device is disposable and requires no maintenance. Each unit comes complete with a protein based natural fly food called Ultra Biomass, available only with Flies Be Gone. Ultra Biomass is effective for up to four weeks, unlike the short life, synthetic baits used in many other flytraps. Used outdoors, Flies be Gone provides a strategically effective perimeter defense covering a large area.   
This revolutionary product is in high demand for fly control in every venue, particularly in the food industry.  Flies Be Gone is well liked by health inspectors because it decreases the use of pesticides and it’s convenient containment of the flies. This trap with it’s amazingly powerful bait is used extensively by restaurants, hotels, food service providers to protect outdoor eating areas, buffet and patio areas. Excellent for controlling flies in dumpster areas as well as horse ranches, kennels, zoos.  Since Flies be Gone contains no pesticides, it is perfect for protection where children and animals are present.

The company motto of “18 Billion Flies Can’t Be Wrong” may sound humorous, but this excellent product is no joke. 

Total fly protection for four weeks $14.95

You can order at, or 1 800 435 2960 anytime.

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