Eagle Boys Pizza Marketing

Australia's Largest homegrown pizza chain is Eagle Boys. Eagle Boys Pizza uses some wonderfully different graphics than we see in the states. Here are some points to consider when designing marketing materials for your next campaign, thanks to the marketing folks at Eagle Boys.


Note how quickly the reader of this ad can understand the offers. Instead of having to read the small print – the pictures instantly communicate the message. The layout is fun and well organized. The Pizza Names are creative …."The Fireeater", "The Meateor", etc.

The Eagle Boy character is great – very cute, and he has the ability to grab the reader's attention. Here an impressive dollar bill is given with purchase of pizzas. Once a customer saves enough of them, he can convert them into real purchasing power. A simple but effective loyalty program.

Customer Greeting Cards can be mailed or given to customer in person. It could contain Eagle Dollars.
An unique way to get the attention of your market. This telegram letter has been very successful in its response rates.