According to an article from, “An episode of pizza envy played out this month when eagle-eyed Eagle Boys, in media releases and a YouTube video, mocked the size of Domino’s pizzas. It said its own offerings were up to 10 per cent larger than Domino’s and could be up to three centimetres larger in diameter.”

“It even said Melbourne university RMIT had ratified the methodology an Eagle Boys-commissioned consultancy deployed for a study of 216 pizzas in locations across Australia,” said the story. “Domino’s Pizza chief executive Don Meij said the Brisbane-based company in June marginally reduced the size of its pizzas to keep up with a similar move six months earlier by chief rival Pizza Hut but said Domino’s also trimmed its pricing. He said Eagle Boys reduced its pizza base sizes several years ago and said its latest jibe was a distraction from price rises.”

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