According to a news report from, “At a Coral Springs pizza shop, the star attraction is not the loaded Calzone or the giant pie with pepperoni, and in fact, it’s not even on the menu. What people are flocking to the shop to see is a duck, a momma duck to be exact, which has built her nest at the entrance to the shop, right off the street.”

“The duck and her egg-filled nest has become the talk of the shopping center at Riverside Drive and Sample Road where JR’s pizza makes pies in Coral Springs,” said the story. “Are you happy?” asks shop owner Aida Quiles. “Oh mama, we are supporting you all the way and we’re going to take care of you,” she croons to the small fowl. They call her simply MamaDuck, and this is not the first time she has taken advantage of the hospitality of the little shop. Just a few weeks ago, she hatched a brood of ducklings and led them off to safety.”

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