Drive up profits by adding wings to your menu—with a little help from AutoFry


The lowly chicken’s wings were once regarded as the worst part of the bird. It wasn’t until a bar in Buffalo, N.Y., decided to toss an accidental order of wings into a spicy sauce for hungry bar patrons that wings took off as a viable appetizer. 

Since then, wings have grown in popularity—there are now entire establishments with menus built around delicious and satisfying wings. It’s rare to see a pizzeria menu (or any menu, for that matter) that doesn’t have its own variation on the chicken wing. And if your menu lacks a wing option, now is the perfect time to consider adding it to your lineup. Wings are highly profitable and create a great upsell opportunity for your servers, helping them score larger ticket orders.

But first you’ll need to decide on a few variables: bone-in or boneless; baked or fried; fresh or frozen; and of course, what sauces you’ll offer. Once you’ve settled on a style of wing, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to cook it perfectly every time. If you’re on a limited budget, think about trying a fully contained ventless oven or fryer like the MultiChef and AutoFry. Ventless options remove the need for hood and venting installation, saving thousands of dollars. They’re also safer for employees to operate, giving you that added peace of mind as a benefit. If you’ve got limited space, skip floor models and focus on countertop options, which often can be mounted and stacked for added space saving.

Make sure that any piece of cooking equipment you purchase will be easy to operate. If you run on a limited staff, consider fully automated equipment, like AutoFry, to keep their workload light. Also remember that your staff will need to be trained on any new equipment, and you want that process to be as easy as possible. Maintenance is another huge budget factor, so be sure to choose well-built, reliable equipment. Finally, you want a machine that is easy to clean, as this will ensure that employees clean it thoroughly, leading to longer-lasting equipment.

Once you’ve got a plan, the actual implementation of your new menu item will be a breeze. Follow up with in-store and social media promotions to make customers aware of your new menu, and you’ll be on your way to seeing profits soar!