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Dragon Wagon dishes out pizza with medieval flare

If Medieval peasants could have chosen between a big Fowl leg (bird, not putrid) and wood-fired pizza, we're betting they would have gladly licked the tomato sauce off their fingers. At California's Tulare County Renaissance Faire, the Dragon Wagon operated by Andy Jewett was the hit of the era. explains ye most succulent gourmet slices are served straight from the fiery mouth of the Dragon Wagon Wood-Fired Pizza oven, a food venue that has become a regular staple of the Tulare County Renaissance Faire since it was introduced in 2008. To create his fiery pizza furnace, Jewett purchased an antique western wagon and put his blacksmith skills to work in designing and building a metal frame for it in his own back yard. The mobile oven carries itself on four massive wooden wheels that also bear the heavy load of the chopped wood that feeds the beast.

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