DoughMate Introduces Artisan Dough Tray and Lid


DoughMate® is please to announce the introduction of the newest products in our line of dough handling products….the DoughMate® Artisan Dough Tray and Lid.  

The DoughMate® Artisan Dough Tray is exactly half the length of our standard DoughMate® dough tray, and the width and height is the same as the Standard DoughMate® dough tray.   The new DoughMate® Artisan Dough Tray stores six to eight dough balls 7.5oz to 10 oz in weight.   This is the perfect size for individual Artisan Pizzas!!


The new compact size allows dough storage in smaller refrigerated spaces such as make ready areas, smaller walk in’s, and standard refrigerators as well as catering vehicles, without giving up height allowing the doughballs to proof properly!


The new DoughMate® Artisan Dough Tray and Lid is manufactured from the exact same FDA compliant materials as our Standard DoughMate® Dough Tray and Lid.  As with our standard DoughMate® dough trays the DoughMate® Artisan trays are self sealing; air tight, easy to clean and extremely durable.  They will give many years of excellent performance.

Please find enclosed our new brochure highlighting our complete line of DoughMate® products as well as a current price sheet and copy of our magazine add for the new DoughMate® Artisan Dough Tray and Lid.


Ordering DougMate® products is simple on line or by phone or fax as we accept Visa® and MasterCard®.   We normally keep our DoughMate® products in stock for quick deliveries and fast friendly service.  As we are the manufacturer, we offer direct service and pricing.


You can contact us via email at  or by phone 1-800-501-2458 or fax 1-908 276-9483 or through our website