According to, "In case you hadn't noticed, there's a war going in St. Louis; but instead of bombs and bullets, it's tomato paste and Italian cheeses."

"The war is between national pizza chains, like Domino's, Pizza Hut, Little Ceasar's and Papa Johns. For weeks, they've been running ads on TV, touting their low prices. At most of the chains, you can get a large, multi-topping pizza pie for $10. At Little Ceasar's, you can by a pie at the store for $5. Little Ceasar's mostly got out of the delivery business several years ago, and they only run a pick up business in St. Louis, except for a just a few locations. The lower prices are being watched from the sidelines by the local chains, like Elicia's. Theresa, the co-owner of the five store chain, says she can compete on price, but not as low as Little Ceasar's. For business reasons, she asked us not to use her last name in this story. Theresa says the chains can sell so cheaply because all their pizza ingredients are frozen and trucked to St. Louis. She and her local competitors are dealing with fresh foods. In fact, Elicia's chops all its own foods, like vegetables and mushrooms. The latest salvo in the pizza war came Friday morning, with a full page ad in the local newspaper, paid for by Imo's Pizza. The ad touts the firm's local connections, its local employees and its payment of local taxes. Imo's co-owner Marge Imo would not talk on camera about the ad. Friday afternoon, most of the pizza buyers interviewed by NewsChannel Five were men, scooping up the 5 dollar pizza at Little Ceasar's. The men said the price was right and it was ready when they walked in the door."

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