Double your pizza production with Marra Forni


Marra Forni has now doubled up on efficiency without sacrificing any of the quality.  The Due Bocche (double mouth opening) oven is designed to accommodate two chefs cooking simultaneously.  Now one chef can easily maneuver dishes in and out of the opening in a restaurant’s bar area, while another chef operates the oven from the opening inside the kitchen. This innovative new design is engineered to make cooking artisan pizzas truly fast and casual.

“Marra Forni ovens are consistent, versatile, beautiful and they’re made by great people.” Stated Tazza Kitchen’s Owner and Culinary Director, Jeff Grant. “People who say that these are just pizza ovens couldn’t be more wrong. We bake everything from bread to slow roasted meats and fish.” Living up to its name, “TA” for taco, “ZZA” for pizza, Tazza Kitchen can beat the rush for their highly sought after wood-fired tacos, pizza and a whole lot more thanks to the Due Bocche. 

Every oven is custom built and tiled to order, offering you abundant color choices to complement your unique brand.  Ovens are hand crafted brick-by-brick using the same tried and tested process used by Italian masons hundreds of years ago. 

Using materials imported directly from Italy, their bricks contain a pumice material so that they are volcanic in nature. What does that mean? The exceptionally high porosity of their bricks allows for better ambient temperature control, faster heat up and recovery. Combined with American grade steel, engineering and building standards, they have one of the highest performing ovens available on the market today.  No wonder Marra Forni is the world’s fastest growing brick oven manufacturer.

But Marra Forni doesn’t stop at a great quality product.  They also provide design assistance, culinary consulting, business development training, video tutorials, nationwide tech support and marketing support. Based outside the Washington, D.C. metro area, they have 15 offices and 7 test kitchens strategically located around the globe. 

To consult with a member of Marra Forni’s five-star Google rated Business Development team, call 888.239.0575 or email For more information visit