Victor and Dana Cooksey, owners of Krazy Hog BBQ in Chicago, are the first operators to take advantage of DoorDash's Reopen for Delivery program.

DoorDash Initiative Aims to Help Restaurants Reboot for Delivery-Only Model

Third-party delivery platform DoorDash has launched an initiative to help restaurants survive the COVID-19 crisis by matching them with ghost kitchens for delivery-only service to their customers.

Krazy Hog BBQ, a black-owned full-service restaurant in Chicago, was the first brand to join the program, called Reopen for Delivery.

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In a recent blog post, DoorDash said it will “help select restaurants to reopen by operating delivery-only kitchens in order to grow their business and reach new customers without traditional overhead costs.”

Krazy Hog BBQ is owned by Victor and Dana Cooksey and is described as “the heartbeat of their community” in the DoorDash post. The Cookseys were forced to close the restaurant temporarily in March due to a dine-in ban, supply chain shortages and safety concerns for their staff.

“We couldn’t plan for the pandemic,” Dana Cooksey said in a statement. “The first thing I thought of, when I heard the executive order in March, was, ‘Who is going to feed our customers?’ There was a massive fear factor—the future was uncertain, and overnight our business came to a halt.”

After eight months, the Cookseys reopened on October 26 for delivery only, thanks to the partnership with DoorDash. The new delivery model paired Krazy Hog BBQ with virtual kitchen operator Á La Couch, located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area. Eventually, the Cookseys plan to open a new brick-and-mortar store.

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DoorDash said it will partner with more restaurants and ghost kitchen operators. The Reopen for Delivery initiative will:

  • Help restaurants rebuild their operations as delivery-only businesses or license their brands to kitchen fulfillment companies
  • Provide last-mile logistics support to help merchants accelerate into the new delivery-only model
  • Invest in operations and marketing support to help the restaurateurs navigate the reopening process