When in doubt about where to find the best pizza in any given city, you can take a chance on crowd-sourced sites like Yelp—where the reviews are often more like petty grievances about a server’s minor error or an order that arrived late to the table—or you can simply ask the real experts: local chefs.

That’s exactly what Eat This, Not That has done for its new survey, “Where to Get the Best Slice of Pizza in America, According to Chefs.”

Professional chefs know quality pizza when they taste it, even if they’re not pizzaioli. And unlike Yelp reviewers, they’re far less likely to gripe about a restaurant’s slow service on a particular day—they know how busy and shorthanded a kitchen can get.

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Here’s what chefs from New York City, Chicago and Seattle to Racine, Wisconsin, and Portland, Maine, would recommend to pizza-loving visitors to their cities and anywhere else they might roam in a quest for the perfect slice:

L’Industrie, New York City: Recommended by Fiore Tedesco, owner of Bambino in Austin, Texas

Ian’s Pizza, Madison, Wisconsin: Recommended by Sean Pharr of Mint Mark, Hanks and Muskellounge in Madison

Tivoli, Seattle: Recommended by Renee Erickson of Sea Creatures in Seattle

Wells Brothers Pizza, Racine, Wisconsin: Recommended by Kevin Coulter, chef at the Hotel Verdant in Racine

Umberto’s, New Hyde Park, New York: Recommended by Matthew Accarrino, chef at SPQR and Mattina in San Francisco

Providence Pizzeria Co., Oklahoma City: Recommended by Eric Smith of The Crown in Oklahoma City

Rosalee’s Pizzeria, Longmont, Colorado: Recommended by Shawn Bergin of Bakery Four in Denver

Pequod’s, Chicago: Recommended by Dan Jacobs of DanDan and EsterEv in Milwaukee

Joanie’s Pizza, Chelmsford, Massachusetts: Recommended by Brendan Pelley of Xenia Greek Hospitality

Serious Pie, Seattle: Recommended by Tyler Fenton of Reilly Craft Pizza and Fentonelli’s Pizzeria in Tucson, Arizona

Pizzeria Beddia, Philadelphia: Recommended by Mario LaPosta of Da LaPosta in Newton, Massachusetts

Pearl’s Pizza, Lexington, Kentucky: Recommended by Lawrence Weeks of North of Bourbon and Ensō in Louisville, Kentucky

Tiny Champions, Houston: Recommended by Michelle Wallace of B’tween Sandwich Co. in Houston

Roma Pizza, New York City: Recommended by Bobby Will of Thistle & Grouse in Portland, Maine

Totonno’s, Brooklyn, New York, and Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix and Los Angeles: Recommended by Michael Lomonaco of Porter House Bar & Grill in New York

L&B Spumoni Gardens, New York City: Recommended by Rich Parente of Clock Tower Grill in Brewster, New York

Imo’s Pizza, St. Louis: Recommended by Aaron Phillips of Lazy Betty in Atlanta

Spacca Napoli, Chicago: Recommended by Amando Auleley of The Smith Chicago in Chicago

Maruca’s Tomato Pies, Seaside Heights, New Jersey: Recommended by Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana in New York City

Oven & Shaker, Portland, Oregon: Recommended by Tyler Malek of Salt & Straw in Portland

Velma, New York City: Recommended by Joseph Bliffen of Silver Apricot in New York City

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