Responding to customer demand for on-the-go convenience, Donatos Pizza has unveiled a new handheld calzone with a catchy name—the Calzato.

To celebrate the item’s debut, Donatos is offering an introductory price of $7.99 through July 28. The family-owned, Columbus, Ohio-based brand says the Calzato features a “crispy outside and a melty inside loaded with toppings.”

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Made with Donatos’ signature thin dough, Calzatos can be customized with up to three toppings. They’re folded over and baked, then sprinkled with a blend of Romano, Asiago and olive oil. Each Calzato is cut into two easy-to-hold pieces, making it a single-serve option for customers who crave convenience and flavor in one neat package.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Calzato to the Donatos menu,” said Jodie Conrad, Donatos’ chief marketing officer. “It’s the perfect option for our busy, on-the-go customers. Designed to fit in your hand, the Calzato is a delicious choice for pizza lovers who want to enjoy their meal without slowing down.”

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