The award-winning Fresh Mozzarella Trio and Margarita Pizzas join Donatos’ Signature Pizzas
COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 9, 2007) – In a crowded market of continuous pizza topping innovations, Donatos Pizza is the first to expand flavor with fresh mozzarella cheese. Donatos introduces a new twist on an old favorite with the Fresh Mozzarella Trio Pizza – featuring the brand’s famous Edge-to-Edge(r) pepperoni, mushroom and sausage combination and now topped with fresh mozzarella and also introduces a soon-to-be favorite – the all new Margherita Pizza featuring Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, then finished with a Tuscan cheese blend.
Donatos is committed to providing high-quality products with true taste variations. The fresh mozzarella cheese used on Donatos’ new pizzas is made with whole cow’s milk rather than produced from low-moisture part-skim milk as many competitors use making it moister than regular Mozzarella. Additionally, the cheese is made fresh and delivered fresh to Donatos Pizza locations rather than sitting through an aging process, thus the mozzarella cheese is very soft with a creamy texture and has a slightly sweet, delicate flavor.
“At Donatos, we understand that consumers want great-tasting, high quality products at a reasonable price. Through the introduction of fresh mozzarella cheese on two great tasting pizzas, Donatos is definitively saying that quality matters and fresh ingredients are a cornerstone philosophy,” said Donatos’ Director of Product Development Janet Sprouse. “Donatos has always offered fresh ingredients in all its products and because our mozzarella is packed in water, we ensure freshness to preserve the best, creamy flavor. The new fresh mozzarella pizzas are another way that we can treat customers to a premium dining experience.”
Donatos Pizza first taste-tested the Fresh Mozzarella Trio Pizza at the Columbus Pizza Challenge where the pie took top honors as Judges Choice for best taste. “We knew trying bold new flavors would get the judge’s attention,” said Chief Operating Officer Jane Grote Abell. “Now with the introduction of both the Trio with fresh mozzarella and the fresh, new taste of a Margherita Pizza we hope to prove once again that when it comes to fresh new pizza ideas, nobody is as good as Donatos.”
The fresh mozzarella pizzas are available in any size and at all area Donatos Pizza locations for a limited time.
About Donatos Pizza
Donatos Pizza, founded in 1963 by Jim Grote, is family-owned and operated, and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The creator of Edge-to-Edge(r) pizza, Donatos Pizza is recognized as the gold standard in pizza, using only the freshest ingredients, and highest food and safety standards. Donatos operates 134 company-owned stores and 41 franchised stores in five states. For more information on Donatos Pizza, visit

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