Donatos Pizza Introduces the Great Taste of Pizza in a Hand-held Stromboli


Hand-held Stromboli meets society’s need for great tasting food on-the-go

COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 27, 2007) – Donatos Pizza announces today the answer for great tasting, on-the-go food with their newest menu addition – Stromboli. Donatos Stromboli features their famous Donatos’ taste wrapped as a hand-held, on-the-go lunch or dinner option and the ideal size for kids.

The Stromboli is available for $4.29 including dipping sauce and is available in five flavorful options. Pepperoni – five layers of Donatos’ famous pepperoni; Deluxe – hearty amount of Donatos’ family recipe sausage, green peppers and onions; Three-Meat – Donatos’ famous pepperoni along with sliced ham and the Donatos’ family recipe sausage; Vegy – mushrooms, green peppers, green olives and two cheeses; and a create-your-own option with any of Donatos’ fresh ingredients. 

Donatos’ goal is to provide high-quality products with unique tastes and only the finest, freshest ingredients.  “Like our famous Edge-to-Edge® pizza, the Stromboli is stuffed pinky to thumb with the best ingredients,” said Janet Sprouse, Donatos’ Executive Director of Product Development. “The Stromboli gives our customers the opportunity to enjoy the Donatos’ taste they crave outside of their normal pizza occasions.”

The Stromboli was designed for customers to take the taste of Donatos anywhere. A recent report from Consumer Mindsets indicates that only 60 percent of all meals today are prepared and eaten in the home. “This trend, combined with tremendous consumer demand for convenience and the desire for more flavorful foods, including premium and gourmet offerings – is driving foodservice and retail sales across many breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack food categories,” Sprouse said.

Accompanied with the Donatos dipping sauce, the Stromboli, partnered with a Garden Fresh Salad, makes an ideal lunch option. In addition, the Stromboli is perfect for group orders and adding that taste of Donatos pizza to any menu item. 

“A lot of people can design products that are portable, but it takes Donatos to combine great taste with a variety of flavors and portability,” said Tom Santor, executive director of brand marketing and public relations. “The fast and hand-held concept is okay, but it also has to taste good. That’s where we do ‘portable’ and hand-held right. You can take the Stromboli anywhere, but you can only get it at Donatos.”

The Stromboli joins a cast of other Donatos favorites, including the most recently introduced Chicken Harvest Salad, as well as Big & Meaty Buffalo Wings, Oven Baked Subs, Chicken Breast Strips and what Donatos is known best for – signature Edge-to-Edge® pizzas. The Donatos Stromboli is available for dine-in, carry-out or delivery at all area Donatos Pizza locations.

About Donatos Pizza
Donatos Pizza, founded in 1963 by Jim Grote, is family-owned and operated, and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The creator of Edge-to-Edge® pizza, Donatos Pizza is recognized as the gold standard in pizza, using only the freshest ingredients and highest food and safety standards to create quality products that are all trans-fat free. Donatos operates 136 company-owned stores and 40 franchised stores in five states. For more information on Donatos Pizza, visit

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