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Donate a Pizza to ‘Front Line Heroes’ and Get Your Name on the Box

Little Pops NY Pizzeria Trattoria, located in Naperville, Illinois, has partnered with its customers to keep local healthcare workers, police officers and other first responders fed and ready to soldier on in an initiative called the Front Line Heroes Pizza Relief Mission.

To get pizzas sent to these local heroes, customers make a $10 donation through Little Pops’ online ordering system. Little Pops staffers write the donor’s name at the top of the pizza box and deliver the pie to hospitals, police departments and fire departments.

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Judging from photos of Little Pops’ pizza boxes, some customers are making multiple donations for multiple pies.

“You should see the smiles on the faces when we drop them off and they get a first glimpse of all the different names on the boxes,” Little Pops said in a Facebook post. “That’s what the Little Pops neighborhood is all about.”

To keep sales going, Little Pops also lets customers use online ordering to reserve whole and half trays of pastas and entrees that can be heated up and served for dinner or stored away in the freezer.