Do pizza lovers lack patience? Do they find both phone and online ordering too difficult or time-consuming? Or are they just plain lazy? We’re not judging, mind you, just posing the questions. Because executives at the world’s largest pizza chain clearly believe that ordering convenience and simplicity are paramount to success. Exhibit A: the new click-free ordering app from Domino’s.

Domino’s has rolled out an app that provides a “zero click” process. After downloading the app, the user can create a pizza preference profile so the app memorizes his favorite pie. Then it’s a simple matter of opening the app—it starts a 10-second countdown before automatically placing your order for you based either on your profile preference or, if you don’t have a profile, your previous order. No clicking through the various ordering steps normally required. Everything’s automated and super-fast, with zero clicks—and thinking—involved. (If you want to place a different order, the 10-second countdown affords you the time to abort the automated process.)

“We think about how to make digital ordering better all day and night,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s chief digital officer. “Zero-click ordering is a dream come true for us. I’m not saying the idea came to me in a dream—and I’m not saying it didn’t—but I challenge someone to dream up an easier way to order.”

According to a CNBC article about the zero-click app, it has security features that will prevent customers from placing orders by accident.

But click-free ordering is just the start. Domino’s also plans to offer “on-time cooking” to its app users. Using GPS tracking technology, the store’s pizza maker only starts preparing the customer’s order when the customer is in close proximity to the store, thus maximizing pizza freshness. reports that the company also plans to cut delivery time down to 10 minutes, starting in Australia, then in New Zealand, Japan and Europe. It’s unclear when that promise will be offered in the U.S.

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