Domino’s Workers Face Charges After YouTube video

According to a news report from, “Two Domino’s Pizza employees were each charged with a felony on Wednesday after a video posted on YouTube showed one of them putting cheese in his nostril and waving meat under his rear end while assembling a sandwich.”

“Police in Conover said Wednesday night that 31-year-old Kristy Lynn Hammonds of Taylorsville and 32-year-old Michael Anthony Setzer of Conover are each charged with distributing prohibited foods,” said the story. “Police chief Gary Lafone says it’s the same North Carolina statute that forbids any tampering with Halloween candy. In one of the three videos, Setzer was shown sticking cheese in his nose before placing it on a sandwich and passing gas on salami. Hammonds narrated the video, saying the food with special ingredients would be delivered to customers.”

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