Domino’s Utilizes Social Media To Reinvent Company

According to, “Dennis Maloney, vice president multimedia marketing at Domino’s, told the Association of National Advertisers’ social media conference in New York Thursday about how the pizza chain reinvented itself.”

“Maloney said that while the fix included fixing the crust, sauce and cheese, the company had to alter — fundamentally — how it presented itself to the public. In short, it had to integrate with social media; the company based its reinvention on transparency. The PR was great, including one mention by Stephen Colbert, where he tries the new pizza and says: ‘Is that pizza or did an angel just give birth in my mouth?’ Part of that complementary digital/social effort involved a pledge that Domino’s would stop using aesthetic doctoring of marketing photos of its food. The company then encouraged consumers to take photos of their pizzas when they arrived, and upload the shots to a Domino’s social hub. The goal was to promulgate the new transparency position and prove that Domino’s pizza looks good as is.”