Domino’s has made global headlines for regional pizzas such as the Hawaiian Spaghetti pizza in New Zealand.

Recently, it strikes again in Japan with yet another standout pizza: “New Yorker 1 Kilo Ultimate Cheese.” This pizza has one kilogram of mozzarella cheese, a sure challenge to even the most dedicated cheese lovers.

This special is available for a limited time until June 23, priced at 3,300 yen ($30) with 4,000 yen ($36) for takeout.

This is par the course for Domino’s in Japan. The pizza chain’s menu features pies like Baked Potato and Sausage, Philly Cheesesteak, and Lasagna pizza. It even has the Garlic Master pizza with whole cloves of garlic as toppings.

Among its special pies was the famous Mayo Potato pie topped with onion, corn, potato, pancetta, paprika, and mayo. There’s the Giant Quattro which had four pizzas on one large pie: Charcoal Grilled Chiki-Teri, Domino Deluxe, Mayo Jaga, and Garlic Master.

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