Domino’s Pizza Workers Endure 36-Hour Shift For Charity

According to PizzaNe""ws.Co.UK, “Two Domino’s Pizza employees endured a 36 hour long shift over the bank holiday weekend to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity.”

“Lisa Ramage and Peter Halliden started their shift at the Sussex branch of Domino’s Pizza in Crawley at 9am on Friday, finishing a whopping 36 hours later at 9pm on the Saturday night. The epic shift at the pizza takeaway outlet was well worth the effort as the pair estimate they will have raised as much as £2,000 once all of the sponsorship money has been collected.”

“Despite 36 hours behind the Domino’s Pizza counter with no sleep, the duo were in good spirits when they finally clocked off at 9pm on Saturday evening. However the Domino’s workers were helped along in their mammoth shift by a crate of energy drinks which was donated to help the fundraisers through their task.”