Domino's Pizza to Grow in Turkey in 2010

According to, "Franchise and production units of multinational pizza company Domino's Pizza in Turkey "" will grow in 2010."

"Domino's Pizza Turkey Director General Aslan Saranga said Tuesday that the company would make new investments and provide jobs for nearly 1,000 people in Turkey in 2010. Saranga said that Domino's Pizza had currently 132 branches in 16 provinces in Turkey, and it would increase to 162 in 21 provinces in 2010. Noting that sales turnover of Domino's Pizza was over 100 million Turkish Lira in 2009, Saranga said that they targeted to increase this figure to 150 million TL in 2010. (1 USD = 1.487 TL) Saranga said that Domino's Pizza would invest nearly 10 million USD in Turkey this year, adding that the number of its employees would be increased to 2,600 from 1,600 by the end of 2010," the story said.