Domino’s Pizza Grows Fat on UK’s Taste For Austerity

According to the Guardian, “There is no room for stragglers in the pizza kitchen. Every moment counts. The head of the delivery chain Domino’s Pizza reckons split-second timing is the very essence of its remarkable success in catering for Britain’s seemingly insatiable appetite for stay-at-home comfort food.”

“‘The quicker you deliver a pizza, the quicker the customer comes back,’ Domino’s UK and Ireland chief executive, Chris Moore, tells the Observer. ‘Our ‘out of the oven’ time has gone from 17 minutes in 2005 to 13 minutes in 2010. That creates a degree of customer loyalty our competitors find it hard to match.’ Moore, a genial character in a smart blue Ralph Lauren shirt bearing a Domino’s logo, can afford a satisfied grin. A fixture on Britain’s high streets for 26 years, Domino’s has flourished financially in middle age to become an unlikely stock market star.”