Domino’s Pizza Gets Ready to Kick-Off for the Big Game

Domino’s Pizza Gets Ready to Kick-Off for the Big Game

Domino’s team gears up to deliver 1.3 million pizzas on one of its busiest days of the year

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ — Yards won’t be the only things being rushed on Super Bowl(R) Sunday-Domino’s Pizza (NYSE:DPZ), the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, will be rushing pizzas out the door as it contends with one of its busiest days of the year.

As the Indianapolis and the Chicago teams get ready for their biggest Sunday of the season, the Domino’s team anticipates delivering 1.3 million pizzas nationwide on game day – a third more than a typical Sunday.

“Every night in the Domino’s stores is a dress rehearsal for Super Bowl Sunday,” said Dana Harville, Domino’s spokesperson. “Our team is ready to tackle the anticipated rush with smart hustle and precision. We’re poised and ready to deliver a great game day meal to millions of football fans nationwide.”

Domino’s Pizza Super Bowl Sales Stats

Over the years Domino’s has observed how certain Super Bowl scenarios seem to affect sales on game day. For instance, sales tend to increase when the game is close and viewers are glued to their TVs. Also, while the Domino’s stores in Chicago and Indianapolis will see high sales at the beginning of the game, the city of the winning team will likely see higher sales at the end of the night.

Other Interesting Facts:

* If Indianapolis wins over Chicago, Domino’s expects to see a higher sales increase in the cities of other major AFC teams, and vice versa.

* Domino’s will deliver around 250,000 pizzas to homes every quarter.

* Pepperoni-topped pizzas are America’s favorite every day and the same holds true for Super Bowl Sunday. Domino’s anticipates almost 60% of pizza orders will be for pepperoni pizzas, with sausage being the second most popular topping.

* Domino’s delivery drivers will cover up to 4 million miles on Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. alone.

* Domino’s typically sees an increase in orders just before kick-off and just before halftime.

Domino’s Pizza Super Bowl Survey¬†

In preparation for the big game, Domino’s commissioned an Omnibus survey of 825 self-professed sports fans with TNS Express Online. According to the survey, of the 74% of sports fans who plan on watching this year’s game, 43% of them say they will watch the entire thing. Further, 31% say they will

watch most of the game, 9% plan to only watch the halftime show and 18% plan on tuning in just for the commercials.

Who does America predict to win? According to the survey, it’s going to be a close race with 52% predicting a victory for Chicago and 48% for Indianapolis.

Celebrity Match-ups

* When asked which power-couple they would rather share pizza with on Super Bowl Sunday, 81% chose Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie over Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who only captured 19% of the vote.

* When it comes to the invite list for Super Bowl parties, Will Smith tops the list with 34%. President Bush came in second with 24% of the vote, followed by Matthew McConaughey, 21%; Jessica Simpson, 14%; Beyonce, 5%; and Eminem, 3%.

* In a head-to-head battle for the last piece of pizza, 58% surveyed would give it to Donald Trump while 42% would sacrifice the slice to Rosie O’Donnell.

About Domino’s Pizza(R)

Founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Domino’s is listed on the NYSE under the symbol “DPZ.” Through its primarily franchised system, Domino’s operates a network of 8,238 franchised and Company-owned stores in the United States and more than 50 countries. The Domino’s Pizza(R) brand, named a Megabrand by Advertising Age magazine, had global retail sales of nearly $5.0 billion in 2005, comprised of $3.3 billion domestically and $1.7 billion internationally. During the third quarter of 2006, the Domino’s Pizza(R) brand had global retail sales of approximately $1.2 billion, comprised of more than $700 million domestically and more than $400 million internationally. Domino’s Pizza was named “Chain of the Year” by Pizza Today magazine, the leading publication of the pizza industry and is the “Official Pizza of NASCAR(R).” More information on the Company, in English and Spanish, can be found on the web at