A Domino’s delivery driver can now find a customer just about anywhere—no street address needed—thanks to a new service called Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, the company has announced.

In its quest to make pizza delivery even more convenient, Domino’s has introduced a technology that lets customers within any store’s delivery zone receive a delivery outside their homes or workplaces, in locations like parks, baseball fields and even beaches. Customers with the Domino’s app can simply select Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, drop a pin on the digital map and get their pizza delivered virtually anywhere, the company said.

“Domino’s is proud to be the first quick-service restaurant brand in the U.S. to deliver food to customers with the drop of a pin,” said Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino’s senior vice president/chief digital officer. “We’re always striving to make customers’ experiences even better and more convenient, and Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery does exactly that.”

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With Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, customers can receive their order at a countless number of dynamically created hyper-local spots without a typical address. The technology allows customers to track their order with Domino’s Tracker, see their driver’s GPS location, view an estimated time of arrival and receive text alerts about their delivery.

in this photo a Domino's delivery driver hands off a pizza to a group of three customers in an outdoor setting.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s will alert customers when their driver arrives at the pickup spot, at which time they can activate a visual signal on their phone, which will help the driver spot them.

Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery is a step up from the chain’s Hotspots delivery offering unveiled in 2018. With Hotspots, customers could order a pizza from a nontraditional location without a physical address but had to meet the driver at a designated delivery “hotspot” nearby. Pinpoint Delivery leverages Google Maps and GPS coordinates to lead the driver straight to the customer, wherever that person may be.

“Delivery innovation is at the core of who we are, so we’re thrilled to give customers a new delivery option by allowing them to receive their order nearly anywhere, with the drop of a pin,” Thomas-Moore said. “No address? No problem. With Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, customers can get their favorite menu items just about wherever their adventure takes them—whether they’re soaking up the sun at a beach or having a picnic with friends in the park. Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery makes enjoying pizza more accessible than ever.”

For Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery, customers must place their orders online and prepay with a credit, debit or gift card. They also agree to receive up to five text notifications that provide updates on their orders.

The technology upgrade comes at a time when Domino’s has struggled to hire delivery drivers and has become increasingly reliant on carryout sales as customers’ dining habits evolve in the post-pandemic era. Carryout currently accounts for about half of all Domino’s orders.

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