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Why Is This Pizza Chain Getting into the Snow-Plow Business?

The No. 1 chain wants to make sure that carryout customers have access to hot pizza "even on the coldest, snowiest days."

Domino’s Pizza and takeout pizza are often associated with one another. The pizza giant that was once known for its “30 minutes or less” delivery tactic is now committing big money to making sure its pies are delivered safely.

Domino’s announced Monday that it will award $500,000 in grants for snow-plowing fees, ensuring that carryout customers have access to hot pizza “even on the coldest, snowiest days.” The PR move is reminiscent of the 2018 Paving for Pizza program that saw Domino’s providing cities with funds for pothole repair.

Domino’s opened up nominations today for up to 20 cities to receive $25,000 each in snow-plowing grants.

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“At Domino’s we’ve made delivery cars with warming ovens built in, paved roads to get your pizza home hot and in perfect condition, and offered pizza insurance for when anything goes awry,” said Joe Jordan, Domino’s president of U.S. and global services. “To us, nothing should stand in the way of getting a delicious pizza, including snowy, cold weather. So yes—you heard it right: a pizza company is actually helping to plow roads.”

An overhead shot of snow plows advertising Domino's Pizza's new initiative to plow roads for safe carryout orders.

Customers can visit the promotion’s website to submit the zip code of their hometown for a grant. The nomination period is open from Dec. 4, 2023, – Jan. 21, 2024, and is limited to one submission per email address. Domino’s will name selected towns on a rolling basis throughout the program to make sure grants are awarded during the winter season; towns chosen will be announced as soon as mid-January.

Domino’s has already worked alongside three municipalities to help their plowing efforts this winter season, including Erie, Pennsylvania; Marquette, Michigan; and Manhattan, Montana. Twenty communities that accept the award will not only get funds to pay for clearing snow on wintry days, they will also get a winter-themed Domino’s Plowing for Pizza kit, which includes winter hats, scarves, snow measuring stick and sign, vehicle magnets and other themed items, plus $200 in Domino’s gift cards, so plow drivers can warm up with hot pizza after a cold, hard day of work. The chosen municipalities will be listed on the Plowing for Pizza website, which will also feature images and footage from the plowing locations.

The nomination period ends January 21, or when all available funds have been claimed. In order to make a nomination, one must be 13 years old or above.