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Dominos Help Wanted: $31,000/HourFor One Hour

""According to the Wall Street Journal, “Domino’s Japan is creating a dream scenario for the idle soul: an occasion for where hard work isn’t necessary for a big pay off. Not even for a whole day – just for an hour.”

“In commemoration of its 25th anniversary in Japan (and 50th worldwide) Domino’s Japan is offering “extremely short term” part-time work for extremely generous pay: $31,046 for one hour. In a marketing tactic to draw pizza lovers’ attention to its 25 years of service in Japan, the pizzeria is looking to employ someone for one hour sometime in December and will pay them 2,500,000 yen, or about $31,046, for the 60 minutes of service. The initial help wanted ad is short on details and says more specifics will be forthcoming on November 11. Domino’s marketing department told JRT that we’ll have to wait until the 11th for further details as well.”

“But know this: The 2,500,000 yen one-time hourly salary offer is equivalent to about 2,174 hours of work as a Domino’s delivery person in one of Tokyo’s choice neighborhoods. The average part-time Domino’s employee makes anywhere from 950 yen as in-store staff to 1,150 yen per hour as a delivery person, dependant on the location. The most highly paid position advertised on the recruiting pages on the company website is 1,150 yen per hour delivering pies in one of Tokyo’s upscale neighborhoods like Azabu-juban and Akasaka. That is about 90.5 days of non-stop work, or 272 at a more leisurely eight hours per day – over a whole year’s labor on a five-day work week basis.”