Domino’s goes ‘Behind the Pizza’

""According to, “In a new marketing campaign called “Behind the Pizza,” Domino’s Pizza (DPZ) is apparently targeting a demographic of people who think modern restaurant food is grown entirely in test tubes. How else to explain the campaign’s interactive web site, which appears to be designed to deliver the stunning news that some of Domino’s ingredients actually start out on a farm?”

“Among the shocking revelations you’ll learn on Behind the Pizza, which features Legoland pictures of farms and a looped audio of birds chirping and pigs oinking, are:



  • America’s most popular topping (pepperoni) starts out on America’s farms, where livestock is raised, fields are tilled and cowboy hats are always in style.
  • Every day of the year, wheat is being harvested somewhere around the world.
  • From California to New Jersey, the majority of our green peppers grow in fields across the country.
  • Domino’s 100% real cheese starts with 100% real cows.”