Domino’s Delivers Details On Sales Trends

""According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “Domino’s Pizza chief executive Patrick Doyle said he would never be thrilled with a negative same-store sales result, even the chain’s 1.4-percent decrease for the March 27-ended first quarter, which was based on a 14.3-percent rise a year ago.”

“Because the year-to-year comparison was based on a time when Domino’s reformulated its pizza and drove sales and traffic to the highest levels in years, being slightly negative does not necessarily spell trouble for the 9,379-unit chain or the pizza segment, Doyle said. ‘I’m encouraged by the overall [pizza] category,’ Doyle told securities analysts during Domino’s first-quarter earnings call. “’It’s getting healthy again. We feel better about where it’s been on sales and traffic versus where it was prior to the last 18 months or so.’”

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