• Vegan customers can order pizzas topped with Impossible Beef at all 700 locations of Domino’s Australia.
  • To encourage orders, the chain is offering a 30% discount on large pizzas topped with Impossible Beef when ordered via the app for delivery or carryout.

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Domino’s Australia is rethinking pizza possibilities, adding a new meat-free menu featuring Impossible Beef at its 700 locations around the country.

According to VegNews, the menu includes reimagined items like the Impossible Supreme, Impossible Godfather, Impossible Firebreather and Impossible Cheeseburger, all of which feature Impossible Beef in place of meat derived from cows.

“We know that people are actively seeking more sustainable food options, but it is also critical that these alternatives deliver on taste and a great pizza experience,” Domino’s Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer Adam Ballesty said in a statement. “The Impossible Beef pizza topping does exactly that. It has all the flavor and texture of juicy, authentic minced beef, but with far less environmental impact.”

From October 24 through December 4, Domino’s Australia will offer a 30% discount on large pizzas topped with Impossible Beef when they’re ordered through the chain’s app for delivery or carryout.

VegNews reports that Domino’s Australia has been mulling over plant-based pizza options for years, starting with a 2018 poll that asked customers if they were interested in vegan cheese. After an overwhelmingly positive response, the chain worked with Follow Your Heart, based in the U.S., to offer that option. In 2019, Domino’s Australia introduced a soy-based beef topping developed with a company based in Brisbane. Later that year, the chain tried out four fully vegan pizzas.

In the U.S., Domino’s has not yet unveiled any plant-based pizza options, although their competitors have done so, including Little Caesars with its Planteroni pizza, unveiled in July 2021, and Pizza Hut, which offered Beyond Meat’s vegan toppings in 2020.

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