""NY.Eater.com reports, “Fans of one of Brooklyn’s best pizzerias, the low key, oft-crowded, charming as all get out Di Fara pizzeria in Midwood, may not be surprised to learn the place has had its fair share of run ins with the Health Department. Back in 2007, the pizza spot failed five out of six of its health inspections, and it has scored a high B/low C score every time it’s been inspected in the last two years. On a Wednesday inspection, Di Fara racked up 67 points, a failing grade.”

“According to the DOH report, they closed the pizzeria due to ‘inadequate’ personal cleanliness, evidence of mice, flies, dirty surfaces, and sundry other issues. But the good folks at Di Fara are taking the setback in stride. After writing on Facebook Thursday that they would be closed for two to four days ‘due to personal matters,’ they added that it’s ‘just a glitch in some paperwork bureaucracy with the new grading system.'”

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