Bon Appétit's Andrew Knowlton believes America is in the midst of a pizza renaissance and that Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia offers “the best pizza in America.” Knowlton describes Pizzeria Beddia as a "beautiful experience that still haunts" him. Owner Joe Beddia’s daily mix of organic flour, yeast, water, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and sugar is baked to bubbly, charred perfection. Using a Montague deck oven, Beddia bakes his pizzas at 600 degrees for 10 minutes, achieving a well-done pie with deep charring along the crust's edge. His sauce consists of raw, crushed, canned New Jersey tomatoes with fresh and aged mozzarellas. Toppings for his seasonal, chili-laced and classic cheese pies include house-made pork sausage, roasted onions, crimini mushrooms and arugula. As Beddia puts it, “I’m not putting f*#%ing apples on my pizza.”

Read more about how Beddia’s dedication to quality has put Philly on the pizza map.

How 3 Pizzerias Make Millions   

When any business makes seven figures, you want to listen to what the owner has to say. No matter your sales, you can learn from other pizzerias that are bringing in millions of dollars every year. In fact, there are more independents than you'd think breaking through the million-dollar barrier. And you can learn from each one of them!

Read about three pizzerias that made close to $20 million last year. 

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The Western Pizza Summit
July 15, 2015
The Speakeasy at Wholly Stromboli
Fort Lupton, Colorado

Join PMQ and Wholly Stromboli the evening of July 15 for a speakeasy celebration of Independent Pizzeria Progress at the Western Pizza Summit.

Enjoy dinner, entertainment and a special panel of independent pizzeria owners, who will share their take on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry they love and support.

Pizzeria operators don’t want to miss this chance to share ideas, celebrate the power of pizza and relax in a beautiful setting in picturesque Fort Lupton, Colorado, just 30 miles from Denver.

To register, go to https://whollystromboli-pmq.eventbrite.com and use the password “thinktank.”

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4 Weird Food Items From American Chains in Europe

With all the crazy foods American chains come up with in Europe, it's no wonder our overseas allies don't give us the culinary cred we deserve. Bacon and cheese-stuffed pizza crust, anyone?

Check out four oddball foods that Missy Assink has spotted in Italy and France.

Social Media Means Sometimes Having 
to Say You’re Sorry

PMQ’s social media director Melanie Addington says sometimes an online apology is necessary, but that quick mea culpa can also bring more attention to a mistake that you want to go away or downplay.

Read Slice of Life to get 4 tips on when and how to apologize effectively.

Let’s Get It On—With Buddy’s Motown Pizza

Detroit is best known for three things: Henry Ford, Motown and pizza. Now you can get all three as Buddy's Pizza launches its Motown Museum Pizza. Mlive.com reports Buddy's added the tribute pie to its Motor City collection of specialty pizzas, which debuted in 2011, and features pies named for Henry Ford, The Detroit Zoo and Detroit Institute of Arts. If you haven’t already heard it through the grapevine, the pizza’s pepperoni, bacon and cheese blend, flavored with Buddy's original sauce, took the stage at all 11 Buddy's locations on June 26. For each Motown Museum pizza sold, Buddy's will donate $1 to the Motown Museum for the continued preservation of Detroit's musical heritage. On Motown Fridays, $2 for each Motown Museum Pizza purchased will be given back to the museum.

Read more about how Buddy’s and the Motown Museum are making sweet music together at PMQ.com.

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