Anyone can benefit from a mobile operation, even if you’re already in a brick-and-mortar shop. A Fire Within mobile wood-fired unit will allow you to take your signature taste out into the community, setting you apart from your competitors while generating additional revenue and increasing brand awareness. 

During your slow season, a mobile operation can keep your sales going strong. ”We slow down here in town in the summer, and this has completely picked up the slack,” says John Durning of Pizzeria Deville in Libertyville, Illinois.

Durning sets up his Fire Within oven at the local farmer’s market to pick up some extra business. Along with specialty breakfast pies like French toast pizza, Durning cooks up bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuits for fellow market-goers. When Durning’s not at the market, he’s booked at private parties for special occasions. “It looks like a pizza oven, but you can cook anything in it,” says Ajith Dharma, the Principal at Fire Within.

Whether it’s the market or someone’s backyard, going out into the community gives you an upper hand on your competition. “Let’s face it: Carrying 30 pizza boxes into a backyard isn’t very sexy,” says Ajith. “There is a certain romance with the fire—the vision of the flames, the smell of the wood, the warmth and crackling sounds all add to the ambiance. Cooking with fire is one of the most primordial experiences we have as humans, and you can bring that to somebody’s backyard.”

With a yield of 100+ pizzas per hour, catering from 50 to 200 people is all within reach.  

Where do you begin with a mobile business? Fire Within provides a wealth of resources to ensure that you have everything you need to achieve success. Their training courses teach you everything you need to know to run a successful mobile wood-fired catering enterprise.

Drive your branded oven down the highway worry-free with Fire Within. Fire Within trailers are made by the same manufacturer that builds trailers for the armed forces. “There is no cutting corners when it comes to good engineering,” says Ajith. “Safety is our priority.” 

Are you going to sit back and wait for people to walk through your door? Or are you going to take your signature taste to your community? To find out more about the company selling the most mobile wood-fired ovens in the world, visit or call 888.240.9758.


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