Are you ready to board the gift card boat? Gift cards from do more than market your store, increase loyalty and strengthen your brand; they represent an underutilized revenue stream that any mom-and-pop can easily tap into. With an 80% redemption rate and void status until activated, gift cards are a lucrative and virtually risk-free investment.

Setup is easy, as gift cards easily integrate with almost every POS system and go through an activation process on the magnetic strip or bar code once the card is purchased. That means you can prominently display your cards at the register without risk of theft. A custom display featuring graphics and card holders makes a memorable impression on impulse buyers. But those won’t be your only customers.

Gift cards can also be used as promotional giveaways. Luke Lingle, owner of, suggests using a small-amount gift card as a reward for a large purchase. For example, with an order over $50, the customer could automatically receive a $5 gift card. This $5 may come to the same amount the customer would have saved using a coupon, but it’s plastic and therefore offers added value, and customers can apply their savings to any combination of items they wish to buy. “When you sell a gift card, you sell more,” Lingle says.

Why plastic? Consumers are becoming more accustomed to using plastic as money. Plastic cards have a designated place in every purse or wallet. When a gift card from your store gets slipped in with the other cards used on a daily basis, customers always see your logo when searching for their credit cards. To really make your card stand out, enhance your card with a unique die-cut card design, Lingle suggests. These cards can be cut into any shape to distinguish your brand from other cards in customers’ wallets and from your competition, too.

Why not get started today making more money with an additional revenue stream that will simultaneously promote your business? After 17 years in the plastic cards business, specializes in excellent customer service, and all operations from artwork to manufacturing are done in-house in Minnesota. also features plastic punch cards and business cards. Contact them today at 800-808-7472, or visit and get your gift cards in as little as five days.

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