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Discover Fan Loyalty Poll: Pizza Leads the Pack as Favorite Game Day Snack


"College football fans focus on counting touchdowns rather than calories on game day, as the Discover Fan Loyalty Poll finds that pizza is king and diets go by the wayside when it comes to watching their favorite team play," according to Daily Finance.

In the fifth week of Discover's national survey designed to gauge college football fan loyalty, fans were asked about their game day eating habits. When asked what their favorite snack was, 23 percent said pizza, followed by:

  • Wings, 15 percent
  • Chips and dips, 14 percent
  • Nachos, 8 percent
  • Hot dogs or sausage, 6 percent
  • Pretzels, 4 percent
  • Something else, 20 percent
  • Not sure, 10 percent

When asked do game day calories count, fans answered with the following:

  • 46 percent, No, my diet goes out the window when I'm tailgating or watching my team play
  • 39 percent, Yes, but I still indulge in a few favorites
  • 10 percent, Absolutely, I don't overeat or drink when I'm tailgating or watching my team play
  • 4 percent, Unsure"

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