When you think flavor enhancement, you gotta think peppers. Peppers' main characteristic is that they are great flavor boosters, and nothing adds hot, spicy flavor like peppers. You have the choice of Jalapenos, banana peppers, peppercino, roasted red sweet peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers, and more!

The popularity of all peppers is growing by the minute. Customers' tastebuds are getting more adventurous and flavor expectations are increasing and going through the roof.

I ran all the A. Camacho brand products through all the tests: pizzas, pastas, salads, soups, and entrees. The products were superb and stood up to my grueling tests. The packaging is a well-thought-out industry standard. I really loved this product, which was packaged at the height of freshness, and had a beautiful crisp texture and flavor. Great job, guys!

Yours In Pizza,
Dino Ciccone, Head Pizzaiolo
PMQ Test Kitchen

Cooking Instructions:

After preparation, bake on solid pan for 15 minutes at 500°F.
Note: Peppercinos are usually very moist. I recommend splitting the peppers and squeezing some of the juices out before adding them to the pizza.

14" Pizza Shell
4-6 oz. Premium Pizza Sauce
2 cups Mozzarella
1/2 cup Cheddar (medium to strong)
1 cup Ovenbaked Sweet Ham
1/2 cup Canadian Bacan
1/2 cup Roasted Garlic
1 cup Sliced Mushrooms
1/4 cup Chopped Jalapenos
1/4 cup Chopped Banana Peppers
1/2 cup Red Peppers
1/2 cup Yellow Peppers
8 Peppercino Peppers (1 per slice)v I chose a star shaped shell to best accentuate the tasty theme of peppers

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