Dinnerware Essential to Food Presentation

INDIANAPOLIS, April 1, 2008 — The presentation of prepared foods in foodservice locations is just as important as the food itself. Show off a meal with an attractive presentation and orders are likely to increase. Purchasing appropriate dinnerware is critical to ensure an appealing presentation.

Prior to purchasing dinnerware for commercial dining rooms, consider the color, shape and design. Plain, solid color plates are a good option because just one color can be pulled from fabrics, wallpaper or paints to create a coordinated look without adding too much busyness to the overall look. Crisp, white plates can give a very elegant feel to tabletop settings. However, solid neutrals like tan or ivory can create an old, dated impression.

Decorated or brightly-colored plates add drama and appeal to food presentations. Bright or unique colors, shapes, patterns or logos can all draw the diner’s eye to the plate. Recently, black dinnerware, square-shaped plates and custom logos are popular choices in commercial foodservice settings. Be careful not to use too many colors, shapes or patterns because it may actually distract the eye from the food presentation.

For most commercial foodservice locations, consider the following dinnerware styles:

• Service Plate: a highly decorated, oversized plate used as an accent piece for the dinner plate
• Dinner Plate: standard plate for main meal; generally 8″ to 13″ wide
• Platter: oversized, oval-shaped plate perfect for specialty dishes
• Salad Plate: standard plate for salads, sandwiches and large desserts; generally 7″ to 9″ wide
• Bread-and-Butter Plate: small plate for bread, appetizers and underliners for beverages and small bowls; generally 4″ to 7″ wide
• Bowl: used for a wide variety of foods, from salads to appetizers, main courses to soups, side dishes to desserts
• Rimmed Soup Bowl: designed to serve items such as soup, chili, stew, pasta and more; generally 9″ wide
• Cup: hold beverages in perfectly coordinated cups; generally range from 3 oz. to 8 oz. capacity
• Coffee Mug: thicker than cups and designed to keep hot beverages warmer longer; generally 6 oz. to 8.5 oz. capacity.

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