The Restaurant Social Media Index tracks more than 30 million U. S. restaurant consumers in first year

Fort Lauderdale, FL – February 15, 2012 – The Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI), created in 2010 by DigitalCoCo, recently surpassed more than 30 million social media consumers in the restaurant-related industry. Launched by technology and publishing executive Paul Barron, the database initially tracked upwards of 2600 restaurant businesses, brands and independents to provide a full rank of the industry. It is now recognized as the largest restaurant social consumer database in the U.S.
DigitalCoCo, a leading digital agency focused on social analytics, audience acquisition and interactive campaigns for the hospitality sector.  They designed RSMI to be the first deep-dive analytics system for the restaurant industry’s social media activity. Connecting social media and the restaurant industry developed as a result of Barron’s 20 years of experience.
A crew of social media experts, design mavens and culinary connoisseurs supports a wide array of global restaurant & hospitality brands and suppliers. The DigitalCoCo team monitors millions of social media engagements per week at their Social Insights Command Center in South Florida.
The company set goals to reach 50 million consumers by the end of 2012, as well as track more than 5,000 restaurant businesses that represent more than 250,000 locations. Its mission is to build the largest social consumer behavior trends system in the industry by 2015. Consumer’s natural love affair with food and restaurants is a perfect match for the growing use of social media surrounding the 0 billion restaurant industry.

Barron, who also authored The Chipotle Effect, a book about changes in the landscape of the American food consumer, claims, “We realize the challenge in connecting the $800 billion Restaurant industry with the most powerful social audience on the planet, but we are prepared with an expert technological, creative and analytic approach. We have some great partnerships brewing with leading edge companies that will solidify our efforts toward our mission that will change the face of the restaurant business.”

About DigitalCoCo:
Founded in 2010, DigitalCoCo is a digital agency that merges analytics, social audience and creative to build powerful digital brands. Founder and author Paul Barron has been instrumental in developing publishing platforms, creative content, tech solutions and web audience over the past 18 years in the restaurant and hospitality business.   Barron, is credited for launching the fast-casual restaurant craze as the founder of in 1996.  The company plans to expand to Europe in 2013 and has begun new initiatives to expand social consumer intelligence to impact the restaurant industry with a global perspective.

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