Digital Signage in Restaurants Increases Sales and Communication

According to a press release, standing in line for food, waiting for a table, and refilling your soda are all pretty typical scenes at restaurants today.  Now with BlackBox’s iCOMPEL digital signage appliances, restaurants can use those times to improve communications with their diners, entertain them, and increase their own sales. The iCOMPEL player can be used for a single screen or for multiple screens with thousands of units playing different content at different locations, with customized/unique layout patterns.  (Users can combine 1080p video or live TV with scrolling text, photos, flash, HTML, RSS feed, and other media)


Many restaurants are now catching on to this new craze including a very well known restaurant throughout the entire US.  Would you be interested in learning more about the iCOMPEL from BlackBox (or taking a look at a photo)? Also let me know if you would be interested in learning more about the famous restaurant that will be displaying the iCOMPEL very soon.