Dieters Find Holy Grail A Low Calorie Pizza

According to a news report from, “Look up “pizza” in any dieting manual, and you can expect to find it shaded in red and accompanied by all manner of health warnings.”

“The mixture of oily cheese and greasy thick carb-heavy base generally makes the Italian speciality a no-go area for any wannabe size zero. Not any more,” said the story. “A new creation is threatening to subvert the time-honoured rules of weight loss – and potentially deny generations of slimmers a much-cherished guilty pleasure. Its secret? A hole in the middle to store that long-established enemy of the calorific feast – salad. The diet delicacy will be launched by Italian chain Pizza Express at its branch in Cardiff’s High Street today – complete with requisite posse from the local WeightWatchers group, who are aiming to make the restaurant a new base.”

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