Dickson Alarm Thermometer Which Simultaneously Monitors Freezers and Refrigerators Is Now Available

(www.dicksondata.com)  Ensuring that food temperatures in both refrigerators and freezers fully comply with regulatory requirements is now possible with the Dickson Alarm Thermometer (www.dicksondata.com/product/model_MM120.php).  Featuring tamper-resistant audible and visual alarms, the Dickson Alarm Thermometer is also the most cost-effective tool available to worldwide restaurateurs and caterers charged with safeguarding temperature-sensitive food quality.

US$59 for a two probe model (MM125) that can monitor both refrigerators and freezers simultaneously and US$49 for a single probe model (MM120), the Dickson Alarm Thermometer has several features that make it a cost-effective instrument that is easy to use. 

-Visual display of alarm that remains even if temperatures are no longer out of range, alerting supervisors to the need for remedial action.

-Alarm controls on back of unit, making it tamper-resistant once mounted on the outside of the refrigeration unit.

-Propylene glycol bottles for stable temperature readings.

-Large LCD display of current temperatures, min/max temperatures, alarm conditions and battery levels.

-Automatic scrolling display of refrigerator and freezer conditions every five seconds.

Both the MM125 and MM120 models are continuous, calibrated and certified thermometers that are able to monitor temperatures in the –58 to +158°F (-50 to +70°C.  For more technical details on Dickson Alarm Thermometers  see (www.dicksondata.com/product/model_MM120.php). 

Product inquiries can be directed to Dickson customer service at dicksoncsr@dicksondata.com, or calling 800-757-3747 or +1-630-543-3747 outside the US, FAX +630-543-0498 or by writing Dickson, 930 South Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101, USA.

Dickson Company and its web portal www.dicksondata.com offer the widest selection of temperature data loggers, chart recorders, and alarm thermometers available to worldwide healthcare providers.