March 13, 2008 – Dallas, TX & Novi, MI – DiamondTouch, Inc., the leading developer of point of sale (POS) software for the pizza restaurant industry, and Fidelity Communications, the world’s largest telecommunications supplier to the pizza industry, today announce a strategic partnership to provide Fidelity’s CallWorks Call Management System exclusively through DiamondTouch.

The CallWorks Call Management System is designed to increase per ticket profit according to Rick Stanbridge, president of Fidelity. “The CallWorks eliminates “Thank you for calling, please hold”, improves customer service, and upsells every single customer that calls the restaurant. CallWorks answers every incoming call and delivers a carefully scripted message designed to improve average ticket sales. Restaurant owners no longer have to worry about training your employees to offer the most profitable items on the menu – the CallWorks does that before the order taker ever answers the phone.”

“We’ve already installed the CallWorks system at several DiamondTouch customer locations, and the findings are remarkable,” added Tom Bronson, President of DiamondTouch. “In nearly every case, our customers have told us that their average ticket goes up by $1 almost instantly after installing CallWorks. In essence, depending on the number of tickets per week, most of our customers have completely paid for the CallWorks system in four to six weeks. I have rarely witnessed such a return on investment.”

Another amazing benefit of CallWorks is the ability to improve customer service by decreasing order taking times and eliminating interruptions. Typical order process times can be reduced by over 30 seconds.

DiamondTouch, Inc. ( is the leading provider of pizza POS systems. The DiamondTouch POS System couples a graphically-driven, easy to use order entry interface, with powerful management reporting tools to provide the most comprehensive pizza restaurant management software package available. DiamondTouch simply puts pizzerias on auto-pilot.

Fidelity Communications is the world’s largest telecommunications supplier to the pizza industry. With a mission to only offer “Best of Breed,” time-tested, ultra-reliable products, Fidelity has installed over 17,000 systems in pizza restaurants since 1990.

For additional information, please call DiamondTouch at 800.750.3947 or Fidelity Communications at 800.683.5600.

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