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Denver dwelling Chicago ex-pats rejoice, pizza has arrived

This Illinois ex patriot thought she would never find the perfect Chicago-style hot dog or pizza in Colorado. But then she did and her story sounds as steamy as a sordid affair. describes how she found her hot dog oasis Chicago Style Beef and Dogs. Located at 6680 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, Colorado. Chicago’s offers a Chicago Style Hot Dog so authentic, you can feel the Lake Effect. The perfect storm of poppy seed bun, pickle, onions, tomatoes, celery salt and of course, glowing relish and mustard.

In late December, in a lover’s embrace straight out of the movies, Denver Deep Dish, the sister restaurant to the Bar Car finally opened. It’s like the brother of my ex-lover finally came of age. I grabbed my clan and went in, eyes wide, hopeful and anxious.

Read how the Chicago-style deep dish pizza tasted if you can stand the heat.