Denny’s Sued Over Sodium Content

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, “a New Jersey man sued Denny’s Corp. Thursday in the first-ever, sodium-related lawsuit against a restaurant chain, according to officials at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the consumer advocacy group that is supporting the action.”

“Attorneys for Nick DeBenedetto, 48, filed the pending class action suit in Superior Court of New Jersey in an attempt to get the 1,500-unit family-dining chain to disclose the amount of sodium in each of its food items and place a warning about high sodium levels in the food on its menu, the CSPI said.”

“Spartanburg, S.C.-based Denny’s said in a statement that the lawsuit is ‘frivolous and without merit.'”

“‘The company will fight it aggressively in court,’ Denny’s said. ‘With hundreds of items on the menu, Denny’s offers a wide variety of choices for consumers with different lifestyles, understanding that many [of them] have special dietary needs.'”

“The chain further noted that it had launched a series of Better For You items in June that allowed guests to substitute certain foods with others that contain less sodium and fat.”

“The CSPI is notorious for pushing the restaurant industry to disclose nutritional content, remove trans fats and include more healthful options for consumers. In May, it released a study dissecting the sodium levels of numerous chain restaurant meals, saying certain dishes contained more than a full day’s worth of the recommended amount of salt.”