DeIorio’s and Upcycled Foods recently announced the launch of DeIorio’s ReGrained SuperGrain Upcycled Flour Dough Ball. 

The dough ball was showcased at the International Pizza Expo in March 2024. It is a fortified pizza dough ball with added plant protein and fiber that the companies claim add flavor and sustainability to the menu. 

“ReGrained SuperGrain unearths the nutritional treasure from grains that are  overlooked—every time a beer is brewed—to create an upcycled hero ingredient that delivers a minimum of 3.5 times the dietary fiber and two times the plant protein of whole grain and white flours on a pound for pound basis,” a press release from the companies said. “When formulated into products, SuperGrain increases nutrient density while decreasing carbon footprint and improving water efficiency.”

Upcycled Foods Inc. (UP, Inc.) operates within the upcycled food economy, offering expertise in product development and advanced technology. The company maintains a portfolio of ingredient solutions through its Upcycled Food Lab, an innovation hub for food makers. Upcycled Foods Inc. focuses on using overlooked and undervalued supply chains to produce foods that deliver taste, nutrition, and functionality. 

DeIorio’s, based in Utica, N.Y., is a manufacturer of frozen dough products, including pizza dough balls and dough flats. Founded in 1924 by Pasquale and Giovanni DeIorio, the company has a long-standing tradition in producing high-quality dough products. DeIorio’s serves both domestic and international markets, maintaining high standards of quality and taste.

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