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Deer Jumps Through Pizza Shop Window

According to, “he’s not your typical burglar, but, one deer sure made a big mess of one New Jersey pizza restaurant after jumping through the window!”

“Fortunately for the store owner, the deer came stag.  A deer broke in early Sunday morning. He knocked over chairs and broke glasses, before the security camera caught him trying to scale the pizza counter. He eventually calmed down, hanging out in the kitchen, until employees, cops and Animal Control showed up. ‘We spotted him through the back door. Standing in kitchen hanging out. Looking like a deer in headlights.’ He was able to snap a picture before eventually coaxing him out the back door. ‘He ran through parking lot and into woods, didn’t turn around or say goodbye. Nothing.’ This deer friend cost them alot of dough. Almost $2,000 in damages and cleanup. So he will not be invited back for seconds.”